Why it Pays to Hire an Interior Designer

“Free” interior design is NOT what you would think

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room….Why should I pay for an interior designer when some stores offer free design assistance?

When you hire a dedicated interior designer, they advocate for you and your investment amount.  Yes, it is true that some retailers have interior designers/decorators on staff.  As the homeowner/client, you are obligated to use those products within the showroom. In house designers do not work for free, as they are paid through their showroom, and the cost is passed onto the consumer. This is not a bad thing, it depends on what you envision for your space will be. Perhaps you love the showroom and many of their furniture and decor.  

But what if you have renovations attached to your room project? 

Built-in cabinetry, flooring selection and perhaps recommendations of trim and lighting are within your scope. What about paint colors? An in-house interior designer won’t be obligated to assist you further t other than the furnishings you are purchasing.

The common misconception is that designers want to spend the homeowner’s money as if it were unlimited.  This is certainly not the case!  On the contrary, I am an interior designer who will get the best client experience, prices and expertise for the project. I am not tied to specific manufacturers. I select furniture, finishes and decor which is unique to your home and lifestyle. In fact, if a homeowner enjoys a particular style or manufacturer, I’m very happy to integrate that into a design.

When I ask a homeowner what investment amount that they are comfortable with, it is to set expectations for the project. Personally, I like working with boundaries up front.  I never knew a homeowner that would enjoy sticker shock! It is empowering for homeowners and clients to have information and they are grateful for a designer like me assisting them.

I would say 99% of my clients never have an investment amount in mind.  SB Interior Design comes  prepared to tell the client what the investment range for that particular space would cost. 

Your dedicated interior designer would pull together a project investment in this manner:

  1. Itemize all furnishings, accessories, art work and architectural modifications for the space.
  2. Attach a cost with each of the items. For example, I ask a prospective client, “How much would you pay for a sofa-  $1000, $4,000, or $6000?”
  3. The answer to question 2 will tell me whether to go with “good, better or best” on products. 
  4. Establish a budget that is agreeable to the client.
  5. Establish reasonable timelines and deliverables for the design and the completion of the renovations.

And that friends, is why it pays for an interior designer to help you with your project.

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