How to Find the Right Contractor

HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR FOR YOUR PROJECT The Covid pandemic has caused the greatest remodeling boom in this era. Real estate is high, so many homeowners are buying homes not updated and choose to remodel.  What can you do as a homeowner to make sure you have the right contractor for your project?Continue reading “How to Find the Right Contractor”

Why it Pays to Hire an Interior Designer

“Free” interior design is NOT what you would think Let’s talk about the elephant in the room….Why should I pay for an interior designer when some stores offer free design assistance? When you hire a dedicated interior designer, they advocate for you and your investment amount.  Yes, it is true that some retailers have interiorContinue reading “Why it Pays to Hire an Interior Designer”

How to Renovate a Tired Kitchen

When buying an older home, you fall in love with its character and charm.  As you settle into your home, you begin to realize this kitchen isn’t working with your lifestyle. So how does one consider a kitchen renovation without voiding all of the pretty details that made you fall in love? You can considerContinue reading “How to Renovate a Tired Kitchen”